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Introduction To TOEFL Examination – Details On TOEFL 2017

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Details On TOEFL Examination

TOEFL examination is taken by candidates aspiring to study at universities and colleges with the North American English as the medium of communication. This test is an evaluation of the English vocabulary and knowledge one possesses. It is taken to qualify an admission at universities of US. This test comprises of questions and tests that would analyse the hearing, understanding, writing and reading skills. Test of English a Foreign Language is abbreviated as TOEFL. This is the standardized measure of English proficiency of people without English as a non native language.

TOEFL Examination Details: Mode Of The Examination

This test mode was changed thrice all along these years as per convenience, availability of resources and others.

• PBT: this is the initial type by which candidates appeared the exam. This is common paper based TOEFL.
• CBT: this evolved up as computer based TOEFL seemed better and convenient. Though many still take the PBT
• IBT: the latest change with connectivity to internet. This is expanded as Internet based TOEFL.

TOEFL Examination Details: Scoring in TOEFL

Reading0-30High (22–30)
Intermediate (15–21)
Low (0–14)
Listening0-30High (22–30)
Intermediate (15–21)
Low (0–14)
Speaking0-30Good (26–30)
Fair (18–25)
Limited (10–17)
Weak (0–9)
Writing0-30Good (24–30)
Fair (17–23)
Limited (1–16)


The score is 0-30 range for all the four sections but the measure for each is different and is not interconnected with each other. the analysis and evaluation is separate for the reading and  listening skills which is dependent on the 36-56 tasks given by computer while the test. the speaking and writing skills are separately calculated.

TOEFL Examination Details: The TOEFL Backgrounds

ETS developed and designed TOEFL. This is where the questions are prepared differently every time. The results and examination are under the supervision of ETS. They have centres as franchisees all over the 130 countries who serve as the monitoring boards for the tests in the respective nations. despite all exams TOEFL is a main part to get admission into the best institutes around the globe. Thus making it one of the most convenient and interesting exam.

TOEFL Examination Details: Registration Details

  • Registration takes place 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Make sure name registered is same as in your identity cards. see this for identification details.
  • Payment can be done using debit/credit cards:  American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard or VISA. paypal account payment is also available.
  • Registration closes seven days before you take the test.
  • Late registration closes four days before the test and has additional charges too.
  • Use link for step by step guide on registration.

You can register via mobile as well as mail.

You can know more about the test in the link


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