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NCERT Solutions Class 12 Business Studies

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NCERT Solutions Class 12 Business Studies

NCERT books SolutionsNCERT Solutions Class 12 Business Studies English medium and Hindi medium in PDF format. Study material for CBSE exam preparation, Previous Year Papers for practice. These study material contains the complete description of the chapters including sample papers with solutions and questions for practice. Study material is designed as per the Latest CBSE syllabus.



NCERT Solutions Class 12 Business Studies

NCERT solutions, Chapter’s summary, study material, English and Hindi medium, Very Short Answers – One mark questions, Short Answers – 3/4 marks questions and Long answers – 5/6 marks questions with their answers.

Chapter 1: Nature and Significance of Management

Meaning of management, effectiveness, efficiency and features of managment. Functions of managment – Planing, organising, staffing, directing and controlling. Objective of managment – Survival, profitability, grouth, production with reasonable rates, generating employment, healthy working condition and meeting the financial needs. Levels of Management – Top, middle and lower level management.

Chapter 2: Principles of Management

Principles of management – Division of work, authority & responsibility, discipline and unity of command. Unity of direction, subordination of individual interest to general interest, remuneration of employees, centralisation & decentralisation, scalar chain, order, equity, stability of personnel and initiative. Scientific management – principle and techniques. Fatique, method, time and motion study.

Chapter 3: Management and Business Environment

Chapter 4: Planning

Chapter 5: Organizing

Chapter 6: Staffing

Chapter 7: Directing

Chapter 8: Controlling

Chapter 9: Financial Management

Chapter 10: Financial Markets

Chapter 11: Marketing Management

Chapter 12: Consumer Protection

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