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KUK Date Sheet 2018 Declared

KUK Date Sheet 2018: Kurukshetra University recently announced date sheet for various Examination to be held in Dec.-Jan. at their official site which is KUK Date Sheet is declared for various Under Graduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) courses.

KUK Date Sheet 2018KUK Date Sheet is announced for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th semester exams which includes MBA, M.Com, M.Tech, MCA, BBA, BCA, MA, B.Tech, M. Library & Information Science, Bachelor of Vocational (B.Voc), Fashion Technology, M.A. Education, M. Architecture, B.Ed. (Special Education), BBA.L.L.B. (Hons),  B.Sc Interior Design, B.Tech. Engineering, M.Tech. (Engineering),  M.A.  Punjabi, M.A. Sociology, M.A. Music, B.A. (Honours), B.Sc. (HONOURS), M.B.A. General, M.Sc. Physics,   M.A.  Hindi, M.A.  Human Rights, M.Sc.  Applied Physics & Industrial Chemistry, M.A. Women’s Studies, M.A. in Fine Arts/Master of Fine Arts  (MFA),  Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), M.A. K History, KUK Date Sheet also announced  M.A. South Asian Studies,  B. Library & Information Science,    M.Library & Information Science, M.Sc. Bio-Technology, M.Sc. Engineering Physics, M.Sc. (Hons.) Economics, B.A. LL.B (Honours), M.Sc. Mathematics, M.Com. Information Technology, B.P.Ed, M.A. Social Work, M.A. Defence & Strategic, M.A.  Political Science,  M.A.  Economics, M.A. A.I.H. Culture and Archaeology,  M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry, B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy, MTTM and MHM&CT, M.A. Public Administration, M.Tech. (Applied Geology), Multi-Media,  B.Sc./M.Sc. Graphics Animation & Gaming (GAG), B.Ed, M.Ed etc. Exams conducted by Kurukshetra University.

Download Here KUK Date Sheet in pdf Format:

Students who want their Date-Sheet can download KUK Date Sheet of all exams 2016 from this website through the provided links in their respective courses either of Hons., Vocational or Pass Course. All the KUK Date Sheet are available here below to download in pdf format.

KUK Date-Sheet 2018 >>>> [ Download From Here ]

KUK  University Practicals Date Sheet :

KUK University also announced KUK Date Sheet for Practicals. Here is the list of KUK Date Sheet for Practicals:-


KUK Date-Sheet for Practical Exams 2018 >>>> [ Download From Here ]


Recently Announced KUK Date Sheet For Dec.- Jan. Exams 2017-2018:

Here is the list of recently announced KUK Date Sheet 2017-2018 exams of various UG and PG courses.

➽MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (M.B.A.) Part-I, II & III (Annual System) Supplementary

➽M.Com. (Previous & Final) Annual System Supplementary

➽MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (M.B.A.) (Hospitality Management) Part-I, II & III Supplementary

➽ Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Part-I, II & III Supplementary

➽M.A. History (Previous & Final) Annual System Theory Dec 2016.

➽B. Tech Instrumentation I, III & V Semester and M.Tech. Instrumentation I & III Semester (Credit Scheme)

➽M. Library & Information Science (I Semester) Exams. Dec 2016.

➽Bachelor of Vocational (B.Voc) in Fashion Technology Ist & 3rd Semester

➽ M. Architecture I & III Semester

➽ Date-Sheet for the M.A. Education I & III SEMESTER

➽ B.Ed. (Special Education) Ist & 3rd Semester Revised

➽BBA. L.L.B. (Hons) Ist Semester

➽Bachelor of Vocational (B.Voc) Ist, 3rd, 5th  Semesters


➽Date-sheets of B.Sc Interior Design Ist & 3rd Semester

➽B.Tech. Engineering I, III, V, VII, VIII   Semester


➽B. Architecture I, III, V and VII Semester

➽M.Tech. (Engineering) Ist Semester

➽Date-sheets of M.Tech. (Engineering) 3rd Semester

➽M.A. Punjabi I & III SEMESTER

➽ M.A. Sociology I & III SEMESTER

➽M.A. Music I & III SEMESTER and M.P.A. I Semester






Also Announced KUK Date Sheet 2016 :

➽Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.) III SEMESTER (Old Syllabus)

➽M.B.A. General (2 Year) III SEMESTER (Old Syllabus)

➽LL.B. (3 Yrs Course) I, III & V SEMESTER and LL.M. (2 Year Course) I & III SEMESTER

➽M.Sc. Physics I & III SEMESTER Exams. Nov/Dec 2016.

➽ Date-sheets of M.A. Hindi I & III SEMESTER

➽M.A. Human Rights I & III SEMESTER

➽M.Sc. Applied Physics & Industrial Chemistry (I & III SEMESTER)

➽M.A. Women’s Studies 1 & III Semester and Post-graduate Diploma in Women’s Studies

➽M.A. in Fine Arts/Master of Fine Arts (MFA) I & III SEMESTER

➽Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) 7th, 5th, 3rd and Ist Semester.

➽M.A. History Ist & 3rd Semester Theory Exams. Nov/Dec 2016.

➽M.A. South Asian Studies I & III Semester Theory Exams. Nov/Dec 2016.

➽M.Com. Ist & 3rd SEMESTER Exams. Nov/Dec 2016.


 KUK Date sheet 2016 announced by KUK University:

➽B. Library & Information Science (I Semester), B. Library & Information Science and M.Library & Information Science (II Semester)
➽M.Sc. Bio-Technology (5 Year Integrated Course) I, III, V, VII & IX Semester Exams. 2016.

➽M.Sc. Engineering Physics I, III, V & VII & IX Semester

➽M.Sc. (Hons.) Economics (5 Year) I, III, V, VII & IX Semester

➽M.B.A. (5 Years) (I, III, V, VII & IX SEMESTER)

➽B.A. LL.B (Honours) I, III, V, VII and IX Semester

➽M.Sc. Mathematics I & III SEMESTER

➽M.Com. Information Technology Ist & 3rd Semester

➽Date-sheets of B.P.Ed. Ist & 3rd Semester

➽M.A. Social Work I & III SEMESTER Theory

➽M.A. Defence & Strategic Studies I & III Semester

➽M.A. Political Science Ist & 3rd SEMESTER

➽M.A. Economics Ist & 3rd Semester

➽ M.A. Business Economics Ist & 3rd Semester

➽M.Sc. Environmental Science I & III SEMESTER and M.Tech. Energy & Environmental Science I & III SEMESTER

➽M.A. A.I.H. Culture and Archaeology Ist & 3rd Semester

➽M.A. English Ist & 3rd Semester Theory Exams. Nov/Dec 2016.

➽M.A. Philosophy I & III SEMESTER and Diploma in Reasoning

➽ M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry I & III SEMESTER

➽ M.Sc. Statistics I & III SEMESTER

➽ M.Sc. Chemistry I & III SEMESTER


Also Announced KUK Date Sheet :

➽ Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Hons.) (2 Year) I & III SEMESTER

➽M.B.A. General (2 Year) I & III SEMESTER

➽B.Pharmacy I, III, V and VII Semester

➽Date-sheets of M.Pharmacy I Semester

➽Date-sheets of M.A. Sanskrit I & III SEMESTER

➽ MTTM and MHM&CT Ist & 3rd Semester

➽M.Sc. Electronics Science and M.Tech. Nano Science & Technology (I & III SEMESTER)

➽Date-sheets of M.Tech. Microelectronics & VLSI Design I & III Semester

➽Date-sheets of M.A. Public Administration Ist & 3rd SEMESTER

➽M.Sc. (Applied Geology) I & III SEMESTER and M.Tech. (Applied Geology) III, V, VII & IX SEMESTER

➽M.Sc. Microbiology I & III SEMESTER


The KUK Date Sheet 2018 is Scheduled for all students of Pass Course, Vocational and Hons. as in semesters mentioned above. Students need to download their KUK Date Sheet 2018 from KUK University official site or they can download from here in this website by providing the link at the top of this page.


If any students need help and tips regarding your Exam, feel free to ask via comment below. Please Share This Post with your friends and others. Register on our website to get up-to-date information on KUK University regarding your branch.


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