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Guide to Writing a Professional Engineering Research Paper

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Writing a research paper in engineering is a challenging task that requires attention, diligence, time, efforts and even luck. We’ve asked professional academic writers to share practical tips on how to write a stellar research paper on Engineering. They have agreed, but mentioned, that the most complicated part of engineering research or term paper is a practical part. Students often know how to deal with other chapters, but practical parts break their spirit. So we’ve decided to concentrate on tips related to writing a practical part of a research paper.

Writing a Practical Part of Engineering Research Paper

The content of the practical section depends entirely on the branch of science and the research topic. For example, the practical part in the research paper written by construction engineers is drawings or models made with the help of professional design programs like ArchiCAD, SolidWorks, KOMPAS 3D, Pro / ENGINEER. For accountants or bankers, this is an analysis of financial activities conducted on 1C, for lawyers – a review of court practice, for mathematicians – calculations for Mathcad, symbolic calculations for Maple. Whatever the subject of the survey, the material in the practical part of the generally accepted pattern is in the following order:

  • the beginning is a detailed description of the object and its problems;
  • the goals and objectives are undertaken to disclose the research topic of the development; techniques involved and their rationale;
  • description of the experiment or actions taken to collect information and evaluation of the information collected;
  • data processing;
  • problem-solving;
  • findings.

Almost all the practical part is devoted to the analysis of available data. Actual calculations, statistics, digital indicators are grouped, compared, clearly presented in tables, charts, graphs. The research paper with the practical part is ideally written then, in order to make certain improvements to the object of study, therefore it is logical to conclude the chapter with conclusions to give the brief, reasonable recommendations on the application of the results obtained, reasonably predict the positive effect of their use. Conclusions on the practical part should confirm the achievement of the goal and the implementation of the objectives stated in the introduction. If the coursework does not have a pronounced applied nature, but the manual still specifies the mandatory presence of an empirical section, then it should include:

  • a critical understanding of the provisions of the first chapter;
  • illustration of the possibility of translating theoretical approaches into practice;
  • reflection of the connection made with modern realities.

The practical part of the research paper or thesis reflects the depth of the student’s acquisition of practical skills acquired, his ability to think outside the box, make decisions, act. It indicates the readiness of the student for future professional activities. When writing it, the student tries to apply his knowledge, analyze the results of his actions, invent, create new ideas, modernize. Here the student is revealed as a brilliant experimenter, demonstrating the facets of his skill and individuality.

When checking a research paper the professors or committees attention focuses mainly on its practical part. The lion’s share of time on defense is dedicated to the details examination of the practical part. Therefore, it should be performed almost perfectly. The questions asked are: “And what could he have done on this topic?”, “What new successful turnaround took place?”, “What has he achieved in this direction?”, “What do these studies show?” All this and much more interests the examiners. Therefore, it is important to make a masterpiece in a unique creative execution of your engineering research paper’s practical part.

If you have any doubts about your ability to create a stellar practical part or the whole research paper on time, it is better to entrust writing specialists with dealing with this assignment. You can write the entire paper on your own and finding someone experienced to proofread it and give you ideas on formatting and content, or you can address expert writers to compose the most difficult chapters for you or with you. Your key goal is to pay the utmost attention to your professor’s recommendations and submit a comprehensive engineering research paper on time.

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