NCERT Solutions Physical Education Class 12

NCERT Solutions Physical Education Class 12th.

NCERT books SolutionsNCERT Solutions Physical Education Class 12 (+2) and Important questions with answers in English Medium and Hindi Medium, Questions from CBSE previous year papers with 1 mark, 3 marks and 5 marks with answers according to latest syllabus of NCERT / CBSE. The PDF of the solutions is not being provided for Physical Education. Download CBSE Study Materials on in pdf format.

Chapter 1: Planning in Sports

Chapter 2: Adventure Sports and Leadership Training

Chapter 3: Sports and Nutrition

Chapter 4: Postures

Chapter 5: Children and Sports

Chapter 6: Women and Sports

Chapter 7: Test and Measurement in Sports

Chapter 8: Physiology and Sports

Chapter 9: Sports Medicine

Chapter 10: Biomechanics and Sports

Chapter 11: Psychology and Sports

Chapter 12: Training in Sports


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