Update Windows 10 with its latest version: 5 Simple Steps


update windows 10


Now these days everyone using Windows 10 in their PCs, Laptops, Tabs etc. as because this is a latest Windows launched by Microsoft and it have huge impact on present scenario. Windows 10 is looking awesome as compared to other windows and you have very comfortable experience on using it. Windows 10 have many new awesome features which attract users and day by day Microsoft improving the performance to Update Windows 10 with new versions having lots of new features. So, everybody needs to Update Windows 10 with its latest version.


Today, through this article I’m gonna show you “How to update Windows 10 with its latest version”. This process will take some steps and I’m going to explain each steps one by one. You can also know the whole process in Video (Demo) by watching it on YouTube provided below at the end of this article. Now let’s start with steps here below.



First of all you have to visit the Microsoft’s Official website through this provided link here www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/features  which is very easy to find your right purpose. So, without wasting your time directly go through this link.

 windows 10 update assistant



Here you will get Update Assistant which is required to download. Update Assistant plays the big role in finding the already installed version of Windows 10 and let you Update Windows 10 with its latest version. So, click on “Download the Update Assistant” to download it.


upgrade windows 10


After downloading Update Assistant completely, run it in your PC. It will take some time to get through your PC and check out for your already installed version and if updates are found for your PC, it will automatically restart.


windows 10 upgrade


Now, Update Assistant show you the latest version and ask you to proceed by click on Update button. So, simply click on “Update Now” button to proceed further.


windows 10 anniversary update


Now, on the next step it will show you with greeting about your PCs compatibility as “Congratulations, This PC is Compatible and We’ll start downloading windows 10 in a moment”. Now click on “Next” button to proceed, if you don’t then also it will start automatically.


update upgrade windows 10


Finally Windows 10 with its latest version will going to be downloaded in your PC and it will take few hours to fully update your PC with its latest version. You can also minimize it by clicking on “Minimize” button to do other works while it is in the process.


Watch on YouTube “How to upgrade/update Windows 10 with its latest version”:


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